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Their Time Is Up? These 3 Idols Have Lost Their Heat

K-fans are changing their mind as fast as girls changing clothes. That also explains why an idol can be the most beloved, adored, and famous name in one group. Yet when she or he debuts once again, the poor Idol will easily become a plain invisible member, for whatever reason here are three Idols that are said to have their reputation fading after re-debuting number, one Sakura used to be the second most famous member and actually the Most famous member at certain points when still being active as a member of eyes, one Sakura was expected to amount to even greater things when Hyde confirmed that she would be one of the members in their new girl group Le seraphim. In fact, when Kim got him got caught up, is probably the biggest scandal of K-pop in 2022 netizens believe the biggest factor helping the seraphim still win trophies on music shows also came down to the extremely big fan base of Sakura. Basically, Sakura was thought to be big with her debut in the seraphim, and especially actually with the support of hype.

Redebuting - These 3 Idols Have Lost Their Heat

There was no way she couldn't be bigger than the other version of her in the eyes. One. However, the thought that Sakura would soon blow up everywhere, which initially seemed to be quite valid, gradually proved itself to be wrong for various reasons. Now, when people talk about Le seraphim, Sakura is merely mentioned, and even if she is most of the talk would be about how she seemingly has gone through a really big plastic surgery. Despite her, naturally stunning visual before explaining the sudden nosedive in Sakura's reputation, netizens believed the very first reason comes down to how Sakura is rather talentless compared to other members in eyes,, the one and biggest reason everyone fell hard for Sakura was her candy sweet Visual but because the alleged plastic surgery has taken away that lovely Vibe, many of her fans were believed to have left as soon as her individual teasers for Le seraphim went out.

Then, as Sakura is also said, to not the best at any specific field. Because when it comes to singing lesera, FM has already had yunjin and shaiwan when it comes to dancing. The ACT has already had kazuha and when it comes to the unique personality that creates the dynamic for Le seraphim, there is also unche Sakura suddenly becomes the filler member of the act. That is not to mention how she is often talked about in a negative light for the slightly old age compared to most Idols active in Gen 4 and on the pan. Some even blame her for increasing the average age of the seraphim, making the group less popular than younger groups like new jeans or eyes.

Some believe Hive also realized the plummet and Sakura's reputation, so in literally all songs of Le seraphim. They would hardly ever let her take on highlights or crucial parts. However, there are many people who believe netizens were just trying to bring Sakura down with all those claims, because in the most recent comeback, despite not being given the center parts to shine, her fan cam still had the most views and likes out of the five members. Even with the top five most viewed and liked fans, cams of Le seraphim Sakura's videos also took up to three spots and, according to many people, if all these stats still weren't enough to prove the reputation of Sakura for sure those who called her the invisible member Of the seraphim were jealous haters number two ichayon, once being called the most promising dancer Idol of K-pop and even managing to get tons of flattering. Compliments for the very first performance on the bloody competitive show, produce 48 cheon's reputation after her Second Debut as a soloist was said to be nothing but a mess.

Looking at what Cheon is doing right now, netizens couldn't imagine how she used to have such a glorious past being one of the most famous members in the eyes, one just to flop right to the ground when making another debut back in the day. Cheon was always complimented as an Irreplaceable member of eyes one had it not been for her top-notch dancing skills and the amazing capability to control her body. The ACT would just be another gathering of pretty girls knowing how to sing and dance decently rather than a girl group. That was something special just in the beginning of last year, netizen still praised Tryon for being the unique Center that could make the whole ice. One lineup looks energetic and dynamic thanks solely to her dancing, skills, and Stage presence, even when the idea of solo dancing without backup dancers is quite against among k-nuts, as they find it awkward for one person to move around the stage alone.

When Cheon did the 16 shots dance cover on Studio, Chom, her videos still received up to 14 million views and about 690k views, an extremely impressive performance, considering it was done by only one member in the comments section, the one complimenting Cheon for being so captivating on Stage, despite having no backup dancers, also received the most likes, proving that she was not only famous for the aura, but also for the undeniable talents. However, things quickly went SAR for chaon after eyes, one disbanded, and it has been the worst of the worst after Cheon made her recent solo debut when only her debut teasers were released. Chaeon had already received lots of negative reactions due to her plagiarism scandals. According to netizens, there was a striking resemblance between her concept and keys gasoline from the letter, fonts color theme to even the design style. It seemed like she borrowed everything and just changed a little bit for fear that someone might figure it out.

Even for those who initially tried to defend her saying coincidences in the creative field were super duper, common and big Minds might think alike. They still had to back down when seeing the DVD, because the design of chaeon was too similar to the keys for such a bad impression. Her debut ended up suffering from really bad effects and because cheon's management, company WM Entertainment also failed to leverage her top-notch dancing skills in her debut chaeon came across as just another Idol whose visuals singing and dancing capabilities were just acceptable. Of course, chaon's Talent is still the same, but many netizens believe that her reputation has dropped significantly because of choosing the wrong direction and also the wrong company to continue her idle career. Number 3.

Chen used to be one of the most beloved members of EXO, not only for their impressive vocals but also for their heartwarming personality. Chen is now nothing more than a former member of EXO when he debuted once again as a soloist back when he was still active. As a member of EXO, Chen was so famous that SM Entertainment allowed him to join multiple units of both the group and the company. In particular, he has participated in essence: projects SM The Ballad performing many legendary ballad songs along with Taeyeon and thanks to the massive fan base. He has also joined XOM and EXO.

Cbx, probably some may say the fact Chen could join. So many units came down to his powerful, vocal capabilities only but considering SM entertainment's obsessions with money, it actually meant Shen was super duper famous and his fan base was also big enough for the company to invest and promote him strongly. If you don't believe it, then you can take a look at how SM treated tale, despite his being one of the most potential vocalists who could pass the entrance exam of the toughest University in South Korea. Hanyang University, particularly tale, was hardly ever chosen to be any subunits of nct-127 and despite his capability to kill any type of OST for k-drama SM. Never let him do it for the inconsiderable size of his hardcore fanbase, basically, Shen used to prove himself to be among the top famous Idols of K-pop back when he was active with EXO, but just a few weeks ago, when Chen debuted as a soloist, he has received the most disappointing results ever in fact, his results were so low that even non-fans were Shook and except for bugs the easiest music chart to enter where his debut song was ranked 20th.

He could barely make it to the top 100 of other charts. Also Chen. Couldn't even get into melon the biggest streaming platform in South Korea and within one hour he only got 871 likes and melon in one thread. Compiling all the results, Chan, garnered apostolo debut most couldn't hide their disbelief as to how his reputation quickly flopped after announcing his marriage and his father's title many recalled his Peak reputation ERA with the number of unique listeners amounting up to 900 000, taking all music charts By storm at that time, Chen was even predicted to follow the steps of Becky on and became the next successful soloist of SM Entertainment. Yet things quickly went sore and, while most were shaken, some said that it was fairly predictable.

However, there are still options believing it wasn't, that Shen was flopping, but it was more like a natural thing for Kpop fans to move on quickly from all Idols, gen 3 to Idols gen 4 Even big acts like twice and black pink, AKA, 2 digital and album Monsters of K-pop are showing signs of losing heat, so it was completely normal for a ballad Idol like Chen to not get as much attention as he used to so. Do you think these Idols are really losing their heat, or is it just netizens' one-sided view comment down below to share your thoughts with us, also remember to share this article for more interesting K-pop content.