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New Jeans, Girl Kpop Group of The Year

Koreansilvertimes - It's the "Golden Age" of New Jeans, Girl Kpop Group of The Year. In the music industry in 2022, while various songs were loved, there was a girl group at the center of this 'craze'. If SNSD member and solo singer Taeyeon, who made a comeback in February, opened the door to 2022, starting with (G)I-DLE in March, I've, Le Seraphim, New Jeans, Black Pink, Red Velvet, Girls' Generation, Twice, ITZY and other prominent girl groups have embroidered the music industry in a colorful way. We looked at the performances of (G)I-DLE, I've, Le Seraphim, New Jeans, and Blackpink (in order of comeback this year), the main players of the 2022 girl group craze that have gripped not only the sound source but also the record market unprecedentedly.

New Jeans. It was the first time I had ever seen such a rookie. A fearsome newcomer who successfully succeeded in a bold strategy called a 'triple title' in a provocative move by unveiling the music videos of songs from his debut album sequentially before the release of the sound source. However, the average age of the five members is 16.4 years old. less than 17 years old It's a true 10-year-old.

New Jeans, a rookie girl group released by Hive as the second? after Le Seraphim, was rumored to be the so-called 'Min Hee-jin girl group' even before their debut. Min Hee-jin, CEO of Adore, a new Hive label, is a talented person who created concepts for groups that opened SM's golden age, such as Girls' Generation, Shiny, and f(x), during his time at SM Entertainment, so expectations for the girl group he will show at Hive were also high.

Min did not disappoint her expectations. In the middle of the summer with the unconventional debut promotion, the unveiled New Jeans became a syndrome in their very existence and dominated the summer music industry. In August, which unfolded in an unprecedentedly fierce 'Girl Group Battle', those who proudly threw their ballots, only adhered to first place and the summit despite the challenges of prominent senior girl groups such as Black Pink, Girls' Generation, Twice, and ITZY.

New Jeans: New Jeans, New Genes

The team name, New Jeans, contains the ambition to become an icon of the times and the determination to become 'New Genes', just like the jeans that we find every day and never tire of wearing. Regarding the team name New Jeans, CEO Min said, “Popular music is a culture that is very close to everyday life, so it is like the clothes you wear every day. In particular, jeans are an item that has been loved by men and women of all ages regardless of the era. NewJeans contains the ambition and determination to become an icon of the times, just like the jeans you find every day and never get tired of wearing,” he explained.

New Jeans boldly skipped the teasing stage, the first step of the one-to-three of a typical debut or comeback promotion, and immediately jumped at the odds with a euphemistic music video, showing a different level of progress from the moment they appeared. At the end of last July, without any notice, they suddenly appeared as if they were attacking with a time lag, and wrote an interesting debut. Introducing three music videos, including the title song, in a relay, more aggressive carpet bombing than any other group.

New Jeans' confidence, which has already been armed in all aspects, including music, performance, style, and charm, met with this fresh promotion plan and showed a hot synergy. Even though there was virtually no prior promotion, they gathered hot topics among global K-pop fans just by appearing. Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, and Hyein, the pure and natural 'harmless' charms of the five members of the teenage years, were quite different from those of other girl groups and even caused a sensation.

The music video, which was released prior to the sound source, naturally captures the pure emotion of a teenage girl, presenting a novelty differentiated from other girl groups. With the main title songs 'Attention' and 'High Mouth Boy', they wittily portrayed the cheerful and sometimes shy aspects of girls, while in 'Hurt', they made it impossible to take their eyes off of them with their fresh, refreshing and harmless naturalness.

Most of all, New Jeans were known for their music. Unlike the music of established K-pop girl groups, New Jeans' music even has a faint atmosphere, but this 'nostalgia' was realized with Min's unique visual directing and was completed with a 'nostalgic' color in itself. Their music left a stronger scent than the addictiveness through specific choruses, summoning the 'those days' that exist in everyone, and captivating music fans of various ages with the trendiness unique to the MZ generation.

There Was no Debut Report Card Like This

The music of New Jeans, which was well-received for its 'quality', was also perfectly successful in its 'quantity'. The sound source of New Jeans' debut album received great love as soon as it was released, and in particular, 'Attention' swept the top spot on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of major domestic music sites.

They were the first K-pop girl group to occupy the 1st to 4th spots on the Korean Spotify 'Daily Top Song' chart and also swept the 1st to 4th spots on the 'Weekly Top Song' chart (counting period from August 12 to 18). Also, on August 16, in the third week of their official debut, they became the first K-pop girl group to reach the top of Spotify Korea's 'Daily Top Artist'. In the case of the Melon chart, even 4 months after its release, 'High Boy' remains in the top 5 and 'Attention' remains in the top 10 and is in a long run.

Thanks to the amazing sound source power, on the 6th of last month, 'High Boy' surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify, and on the 20th of the same month, 'Attention' also broke through 100 million streams. Two songs from their debut album reached 100 million streams in just 4 months, a monstrous record.

It is also continuing to perform impressively on the Billboard charts. New Jeans' 'High Boy' has been on the chart for 17 consecutive weeks since it first entered the 'Global 200' and 'Global (excluding the US)' on August 20th, and if you include 'Attention', it has been on the chart for only one week since its debut. Not to mention, it has been on the Billboard charts for 18 consecutive weeks.

'High Mouth Boy' was also chosen as the 'Best Song of the Year by major music magazines in the US and UK at the end of the year. The song was ranked 24th on the 'Top 100 Best Songs of the Year by Rolling Stone, an American music magazine, and 26th on the 'Top 50 Best Songs of the Year by the British music magazine NME, respectively. it ranks high In particular, NME introduced the differentiated charm of New Jeans, saying, “The debut of New Jeans, a K-pop rookie, brought a fresh change at a time when many pop groups are pursuing similar sounds, styles, and attitudes.”

Despite being a rookie girl group, the album's power was also strong. New Jeans' debut album sold 260,000 copies on the day of its release, and sold 311,271 copies in the first week of release, setting a new Initial Chodong record for a debut album by a girl group.

New Jeans, who made an unprecedentedly hot debut, will make a comeback with a new single album 'OMG' on January 2nd next year. 'OMG' consists of the title song conceived together during the production of the debut album 'New Jeans' and the winter b-side songs especially prepared by New Jeans, Girl Kpop Group of The Year, for the first winter with the official fan club Bunnies. Since the song is scheduled to be released, New Jeans is expected to once again explode on the music charts at the end of the year.