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Kpop Rumors: Kpop Idols Who Are FED UP With Their Job?

Kpop Rumors: Kpop Idols Who Are FED UP With Their Job?

While lots of people would risk their life and probably spend all they've got to become a famous Idol, there are still cases of Idols being at literally the top of the world, and wouldn't even bother to hide their exhaustion from being showered in attention Kpop rumors all the time.

Kpop Idols Who Are FED UP With Their Job?

Of course, that sounds counter-intuitive because doing so is literally synonymous with destroying one's own career AKA, making way less money and receiving way less support for everything they do it's something that actually happens, and you will see how things go in this video number, one black pink Coming back after about two years, Blackpink initially got everyone to think that their comeback, and especially the world tour, would be the most historic moment ever seen in K-pop. In fact, when the girls announced that they would only have two promotional stages for the South Korean weekly music shows, the hype about their concerts blew up even bigger, as many believe they were pouring all their efforts into giving the best world tour and treating fans with A biggest glamorous performances ever, unfortunately, as soon as the concert of Blackpink started, most were left with nothing but utter disappointment because the girls' attitude on stage was said to blatantly show how fed up they were with the whole Idol career thingy. While Blackpink had lots of fans in their home market, many blanks still couldn't wrap their heads around what they just saw at the Seoul concert after spending a whole bunch of money on the ticket. That's why a November 2, several Snippets of the girls were posted on the pan and according to the op, it was foolish of her to think that each member of Blackpink had their own style of dancing, rather than they simply couldn't dance.

Despite having spent years on Hiatus and throughout all that time, their schedule wasn't even packed. The girl seemingly didn't bother to spend a single minute in the practice room to Forgetting their own choreography. Despite the fact that their choreography was the least Diversified among top groups of K-pop to dancing and distinct synchronization and only interact with fans for three minutes throughout the two-hour concert, many found the most recent promotion of black pink, nothing but the members' utter tiredness. From being on stage, in fact, the Opie said that these things were just the surface of things, and there were many more dark sides that she wouldn't bring up yet because now that foreign blanks also expressed their disappointment, she hoped Blackpink could reflect on what they had Done in the past two years and why they all ended up in such a jumble in the past posts, pointing the fingers of black pink, would receive lots of negative reactions and downvotes as most believe, the criticism was malicious rather than contributive. However, ever since the girls started, their world tour and Snippets about their performances were spread on the internet like mushrooms, the most recent post, calling Blackpink out of their alleged unprofessionalism and the blatant tiredness from being Idols has received a whopping amount of upvotes.

In the comments section, there wasn't even a single opinion defending them and, for the most part, people all agreed Blackpink has lost their passion for music. Instead, all they have ever focused on for now is hanging out with famous people endorsing designer Brands, and showing up at famous events. The most typical example is that, just recently when Blackpink was on their world, tour Rose still spent some time attending the Lakme Art Plus film Gala. Despite the fact that many fans were complaining about her dancing that night. When people searched on Google, the keyword Blackpink concert mess was in the top three and even on YouTube.

Doing Their Best.

There was a whole eight-minute-long video talking about how the girls' passion on stage was plummeting. As the concert proceeded in the video Opie straight up said. She thought Blackpink was sleepwalking in several performances and considering their 12 years in the industry, including the training period. There was no justification for their unprofessionalism Plus for those who were defending that Blackpink still enjoy themselves much and their performances had blown people out of the water backing up by posting clips of Jenny dancing as if her rent was due as well as the other. Three members were doing their best in the solo performances.

The OB said it didn't help improve the situation, because the number of Clips, showing they're being completely done with the idle career still outshone, though showing they were having fun on stage. However, it's just an opinion from a number of fans and netizens and it doesn't represent the opinion of all blanks and other K-pop fans proving that there are still many people who love Blackpink's performances. Thus, fans said that people should not be too harsh with Blackpink just because of a few small mistakes on the stage, but instead enjoy the vibrant and Majestic atmosphere that the girls bring number two NCT's Jay Hen, despite being among the most famous members of NCT. If not the most reputation-wise, because Jae Han is now the only member to endorse a designer brand, he is still left to be completely done with the idol career. In fact, not only netizens, but many fans have said the same thing about Jaehyun, especially for the past two years, when the pandemic hit and fans couldn't interact much with the idols in real life.

His signs of being fed up with his career were set to show even more clearly than ever before things all started at the end of last year, when many NCT Zen began to flock to Japan complaining that they felt like wasting money because Jae Hyun rarely communicated with Them through the bubble, though, they were literally paying every single month, just to receive his texts according to a stat made by fans, he texted least out of 23 members and even fewer than the two members that barely went on any promotion. The incident then exploded on the internet and for a long time, people would always come after jaehyun for not being able to complete his job as an idol with the bare minimum effort. However, jaehyun didn't seem to care at all, because, just several months ago he was caught up in the exact same situation. Again, this time, several of his hardcore fans decided to turn their backs on him because, instead of sincerely communicating with them, jaehyun just randomly and occasionally posted some selfies and bubbles, which, according to fans, was an Insidious move to not be the member with least texts and Bubble again, that was not to mention how he would always be on his phone in every nct's content and basically because asking fans one or two sentences didn't cost much time. Many believed it was clear that he didn't care about his image and career.

He was doing anymore in one Tick: Tock video naming those Idols fed up with their career. Many agree that jaehyun should definitely be there in part two, as he was the first person that isn't thought of. When reading the title. However, some said they couldn't blame him either, because many NCT and had been acting overly possessive, though in fact, the relationship between jaehyun and them was merely an Entertainer and fans. Thus, they can't just ask jaehyung to take care of every single one of thousands of fans.

Idol Carreer

He has number three EXO's Dio, having literally spent all of his life as an idol and only being able to get to where he is right. Now, thanks to the job, it sounds quite ironic to put Dio on this list. However, the fact that Dio is completely done with the idol career is confirmed by tons of people, and even his hardcore fans are now so used to it that they found it funny rather than resentful. Ever since the day, one do has always been famous for being the most low-key member of EXO, and regardless of how famous the group was, he would barely show any sign of excitement when appearing in the public as an idol from on-stage to off-stage. People would literally always see him with a poker face and, even though the idol job required one to look at their finest 24, 7 Dio still didn't care and stayed loyal to the army haircut for an extremely long period.

Talking about moments where he looked completely done with the idol life, there are tons of them with just one click away on the internet. Take these two times when Dio appeared at the year-end award shows, for example, while the other members were either enjoying the performances or having the best time of their life. Dio just sat there completely out of sync with the world and not even bothering to hide the wish to eat away soon or this time when EXO was recording their content and all the members were trying to make the atmosphere more fun. Dio was just standing there staring at the camera and not even wanting to speak up after Chen asked him to say Q things kept going that way for quite a while, and probably as SM Entertainment also felt the irritation of. Do they gradually.

Let him Venture into the acting career as this was his favorite field and he has been receiving Reigns compliments after nailing. In all the roles he played Dio is now almost viewed as an actor in the industry, rather than an idol, so except for geo. Why do you think these Idols are so fed up with their own job, while it was the path they chose and being an idol? Was their ride or die in the first place, or is it because they had their own suffering? That no one understands comment down below to share your thoughts with us, also remember to share this article for more interesting K-pop content.