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Kpop Idols Whose Face is a Misfit to Their Group Concept

Kpop Idols Whose Face is a Misfit to Their Group Concept

Those who are not familiar with K-pop may claim that K-pop grounds are identical or indistinguishable, but that's totally not true. In fact, entertainment companies always create new and appealing Styles, as well as Concepts to make their Idols stand out from a sea of talented new artists and groups. Despite that, a huge number of skilled and good-looking trainees would still be eliminated by companies as they do not fit the concept of their Prospect groups. Even after overcoming a lot of competition and successfully debuting. Some Idols are still said to not visually fit their groups as Concepts, and here are some examples: soleun and mix.

Kpop Idols Whose Face is a Misfit to Their Group Concept

Although n mix's music has caused some debates among K-pop fans as they are allegedly not catchy and not public friendly, the girls are still loved by many. Of their incredible vocals and dance performance among all members, sullian probably gains the biggest attention from netizens, especially Korean netizens, with her surreal visuals. They give her many flattering nicknames like fairy or Angel to express their impression of cillian's visuals. Nevertheless, there are still some questions surrounding solian and how she does not seem to fit and mix a strong and quirky concept, with many people saying that sullian's Vibe doesn't scream and mix at all and it's Ginny who's totally nailed it. Some even claim that if sullian debuted in a group with Innocent concept, like oh, my girl, her ability would be better showcased because it seems like the current concept, doesn't do her justice.

Besides the peaceful opinions. There are also people who bluntly criticize sullian saying that, aside from her face, which has nothing to do with enmix sullian's Stage, presentation is also weak, as they watch 10 of her fan. Cams and the only expression they could see was her Frozen smile, which is so odd. Luckily, solian always has fans behind her back. They argue that her vision is one of the main reasons why mix became big as she has gone viral for so many times with that face.

They also point out that sullian is not just a scentless flower with no actual talent, because her amazing vocals can easily knock out. Anyone who dares question her ability not only is cilian extremely popular in Korea, but she also gains a lot of recognition all around the world. If you don't believe it, you can search her name on Google and there will be thousands of Articles dedicated to only her look appearing thus for fans. Silian is obviously doing a great job in nmix and they love to see her as a nmix member. They believe she fits so well with a group and N mix would never be complete without such a pretty and talented girl like sullian unche Le seraphim Le seraphim is the first girl group to debut under hype Corporation this, although has gained them a lot of attention.

Also put a huge pressure on their shoulders, especially unche, as she is the youngest and the least experienced member. If Sakura and shaiwan already have years of experience working as K-pop Idols, while yunjin and kazuha are either former Opera singers or ballerina uncha is completely new to being on stage in some netizen's opinion. Her inexperience really makes her perhaps disappear during the seraphim performances. However, experience is not the only difference between her and other members. The huge age gap between her 16 years old and the oldest Sakura 25 years old is also said to make their interactions seem awkward.

The fact that many people were not satisfied with unche's presence in the seraphim became so common to the point that some even asked what was the point of adding unche and Le seraphim. This particular question went as far as saying that not only uncha lacks the talent to join the group, but she also has no Talent. This is obviously a cruel statement. Some others, although not outright criticizing or bashing unche, also commented that they see that, though, unche has the potential to become a good Idol in the future. She has no reason to be in Le seraphim and if the female Idol had debuted in Eugene, since instead things might have been much better.

In response to that, many fans came to defend uncha, saying that she is the group's sweetheart whose Youth and energy bring joy and add more flavor to the seraphim's concept. They also mentioned the fact that unsha is amazing at doing variety, shows and attracts a lot of fans with her fun personality. They believe it is just a matter of time and a bit of practice that can help unsha, Explore her potential and show the world how good of an idol she is jisoo, black, pink as one of the biggest girl groups at the moment, with enormous impact Blackpink Can easily influence others to follow their images, which include their iconic girl, crush concept. Netizens once claimed that Blackpink is the reason for the explosion of the girl crush Trend during 2018 to 2020 period because of the unbelievable success gained by this concept. Their signature, powerful, charming, and badass style takes over everyone's heart and they have been using this image till today, but according to some jisoo, doesn't seem to fit the concept as much as the other members.

They argue that her soft and elegant visuals, as well as her gentle personality, could not express the spirit of the badass girl crush style, since it requires a Fierce and sometimes even Savage attitude during the performance. A lot of K-pop fans also share their opinion. That jisoo should have debuted in a group whose concepts are either feminine or cute. This particular thread expresses a Fan's opinion and how jisoo's image doesn't not go well with the group's powerful Concept in the post. The Opie said that when she watched the dance video of how you like that, she realized that jisoo really did look like a misfit as her butt shade.

The choreography was just awkward like it's something. That's so out of the left field, considering her personality. Obviously, fans do not agree with his statement. They argue that Blackpink's concept consists of two parts: black cool and badass, and pink elegant, and cute jisoo's visuals, though not so well suited to the black concept, perfectly fit the pink side. They also mentioned the jisoo's deep and husky voice enhances quite a lot in the group's sexiness and the girl crush Vibe of their songs.

There is also an opinion that points out that jisoo's problem lies in her dancing skills, not her visuals, because the lack of expression while dancing may explain why she looks a bit out of place during some of blackpink's performances of Die Young twice. The music career of twice can be split into two parts before and after 2019. In the first few years of their career, twice were famous for their cute and bubbly concept with hits after hits such as cheer up or TT. But as the group's members got older and became more mature, they switched to a more elegant feminine concept, with a bit of seductiveness and sexiness in songs like fancy, or I can't stop me. Unfortunately, according to netizen twice's the main rapper, dahyon does not seem to fit the new mature concept that her group recently put on as she did not catch up well with these changes, in fact, dahyon no doubt suits twice as bright and cute concept, with her fairy-like look And the extra bright smile she always keeps in her face, but those features are said to not really go along with twice as recent mature and sexy Concepts.

Therefore, a lot of once's claim that dahyon has become less noticeable during twice's latest performances,, which is very different from Sana, who is said to Transit, so well with A New Concept. Although this opinion is quite popular, many still believe that dahyun shines just as before. They defend dahyun that, even though her naive visuals may not 100 fit the mature concept, she still has her unique charm, which is her quirky, distinguishable, rap style and Stage presentations. This unconditional support would mean so much for dahyun, as the female Idol is hitting the eighth year of her career and may soon have her own solo project. That is our list of Idols whose faces were said to be a misfit in their group.