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Companies Trying To Make These Idols Invisible In Their Own Group?

Companies Trying To Make These Idols Invisible In Their Own Group?

For a long time, K-pop is no longer just about music, it has become a market and even an industry where Idols sell their talent and popularity for profit. The holding companies, which act as the investors, therefore, do not want to invest money without any return to guarantee the revenue. K-Pop companies will focus more on prioritizing their popular Idols, while those with less reputation will be given a cold shoulder in this video. We're going to talk about four K-pop Idols who, despite great talent and visuals, are still neglected by their own companies. Number one checheon Kepler winning first place and Survival showgirl Planet 999, as well as the opportunity to debut, as the official Center of Kepler chaehyun received high expectations to achieve a great reputation.

Companies Trying To Make These Idols Invisible In Their Own Group?

However, fans were soon disappointed to find out that their Idol is barely getting the treatment she deserves from her holding company wake. One Entertainment on October 13th Kepler had a showcase to introduce their third mini, an album called troubleshooter, and they made the first performance on stage for their title song. Here, however, as soon as the Press, images of the performance were released, check on fans got furious with the way to wake One Entertainment distributed parts for their girls, despite being introduced as the official Center in Kepler's profile. Shaehyun did not get to stand in the prime position. In the ending scene, which is an important thing that a censor would usually undertake instead, shouts who finished girl Planet 999 in the 9th rank, is Kepler's.

Visual took the place on top of that. Take you on styling, for the new comeback also came in for criticism. Since debuting with Kepler, the female Idol's, hairstyle and makeup, look was said to hardly have any changes, making her appearance, kinda, of repetitive and boring, except for the pink hair in the wadada era, shaehan always shows up with the same straight black hair. For so long, her fans have been demanding wake One Entertainment to stop giving shaehyun such unimpressive and Bland styling, which makes it difficult for her to stand out and makes it easier for her to get overshadowed by other members to add more wake. One Entertainment also pisses chaehan's fans off, as they continuously show obvious bias towards xiaoting.

Almost all of Kepler's photo shoots such as teasers or even the first magazine photo shoot with days. Korea, sheikhan often lost the center position to xiaoting, though chaegan's fans tried not to trigger a dispute. Wake one entertainment's favor for Xiao Ting on the recent photo concept for the new album acts. As the last straw. Some even pointed out that, before the latest comeback with We Fresh shouting was assigned to stand in the center of six songs, including stages and music videos, while chaehyun only did four times.

This is said to be absolutely unacceptable to chaehan the official Center of Kepler. They said that if Wake one wanted Xiao Tang to be the center so much they shouldn't have let shaehan win first place and girls. Planet 999 in the first place, because the lack of recognition of chaehyun when she was the official center of the group was nothing but a big insult to her number 2. 

Lija Ive, oh, the legis case, might not be as too obvious as Chey hyuns. Her fans are still frustrated at her being neglected by her own holding company, Starship entertainment, despite being the main vocalist, and also the member, with the best singing skills of Ive liju was said to never be given the opportunity to showcase her ability in Ives.

Two latest songs liju was among the members getting the least lion and was even not assigned to sing the chorus of the afterlife, while all other members sang at least once this makes netizens raise questions about whether Starship entertainment treated their girls according to their reputation. Not only that fans also pointed out that liju was also discriminated against regarding the ending fairy. After several weeks of promoting like, I have showcased their individual charms and stunning visuals through their solo ending fairy videos. However, there was definitely a huge difference in the number of each member's ending fairy, while the two most famous girls, young and Eugene - both got seven ending fairies sceneso each got two to four liju was the only one who did not have any solo ending fairy. This is not the first time Lee Jo, was left out and poorly treated.

Previously fans were irritated to find out that liju was the only one who did not have a solo photo shoot following the release of their new single, while one young Esau shot for Mary Claire Eugene had pictures with W Korea. Reyi appeared in Arena home and Gull worked with them. L, lija did not have an individual photo shoot to promote herself, especially when Starship entertainment has enough capability to make a deal for their Idol. It is worth mentioning that when she first debuted liju was among the members who were pushed the most by Starship, thanks to her sweet, vocals and a Dalek appearance, which is said to be no less impressive than janwan Yang. Therefore, the fact that liju has not been favored as much lately raises suspicions among netizens that it is legia's weight gain that has made Starship no longer interested in promoting Her Image but instead focusing on other members who were believed to have more eye-catching appearance at That point many fans were outraged, saying that if this was true, then Starship would be so trashy as they discriminate between the girls based on their looks.

However, that's just the reasoning of some of the leeches' Defenders and we still don't know the real reason behind the restriction on promoting Her Image. Number three Giselle espa, despite being one of the biggest entertainment companies that greatly contributes to the K-pop industry. Sm is constantly criticized for discriminating against foreign Idols. This time the victim is said to be Giselle from espa. So recently, espus fandom has been raising concerns about sm's treatment of Giselle, who was believed to receive little respect from the company.

They pointed out that not long after espa debuted Giselle appeared with three other members of espa and the public after their schedule and ksbo Dome. However, she was the only one whose face was blurred by several Korean newspapers. Fans in netizens found it difficult to understand why a member of such a famous girl group, like espa, was mistaken for a staff member. While many were extremely discontent. Sm didn't do anything to fix that when SBS's official Instagram account posted photos of espa performing an SBS guyodes in 2020 Giselle was also forgotten.

What is worth mentioning is that SBS did not fail to upload the individual photos of the three other members and Karina and winter even had two separate posts. However, this is not the last time Giselle was left out of a show that espa participated in the manager of NBC Giselle was confusingly absent from the thumbnail of the episode on NBC's YouTube fans also pointed out that giselle's scene was even edited out of some other Shows such as her Talent showing part on weekly Idol or her cover part and knowing Bros, even when espa has debuted for almost two years, the unfair treatment of Giselle shows no sign of stopping. If not, it is getting worse, as the female Idol is now even discriminated against by some brands that her group is currently. The Ambassador. In particular, MLB was once Under Fire for allegedly mistreating Giselle when failing to include the female Idol in their styling guide.

They even misspelled her name writing g-i-e-s-e-l-l-e Giselle, instead of Giselle and didn't even upload, her individual photo as they did to other members when shooting for medihil cell only had an indoor photo shoot and didn't hold the Brand's products. That was a total contrast to the other. Three members who shooted outside with a specific concept and products in their hands, even Clio of Japan, the country where Giselle came from also left to the female Idol out in their campaign as giselle's image, was nowhere to be found in both Cleo Japan's Twitter or Instagram. Not only that Giselle was even invisible in almost all S, Plus promoting videos and the advertisement for Choppa and internal return. Giselle scenes lasted only one second, and she was even excluded from the videos for Tams.

Most recently, fans voiced their frustration with SM Entertainment after Giselle revealed that she had to specifically ask for her Spotify playlist to be included in s profile. Although esp's official Twitter announced Giselle's playlist on September 1, it was impossible to find your playlist on the official account number 4 Utah NCT 127 looks like SM is involved in a lot of foreign Idols, and mistreatment cases because Utah, the Japanese member of NCT is also a Victim of this, although Utah's career as a soloist is on the rise with numerous important activities, SM appears indifferent and fails to promote them to be specific, Utah has had a full busy year of individual activities in Japan, including multiple high-profile magazines, shoots shows brand collaborations and More there was a collaboration between Utah and craft boss and Tom Ford, plus. His show Utah at home also started a limited-time, collaboration with Disney plus, and released its own merchandise, not stopping. There Utah was even cast in a major Japanese, Blockbuster high and low, which means he's going to make his debut as a full-fledged action star this year. However, despite Utah's hard work, SM Entertainment failed to promote his activities on the official Instagram account of NCT Utah was the only one who hardly had a post about his solo projects.

The male Idol did not even get a highlight for himself, no matter how big his gigs are. Additionally, on NCT 127's comeback with sticker SM was again slammed for erasing Utah out of their promotional materials, while all other members have beautiful solo thumbnails for themselves. Only the thumbnail of Utah did not focus on his face, but his legs and the male Idol were seemingly omitted from face cams and ending fairy scenes. Fans also pointed out that on NCT 127's Japan Dome tour, Neo City, Japan. The link to Utah was inexplicably forgotten.

Again, specifically near the end of the concert, all NCT's members were raising their lights, sticks, and waving goodbye to the audience, and while each member received a close-up, shot, Utah didn't and just stood quietly on his own. To this point, fans cannot understand why SM showed such great neglect to Utah, while he proved himself to be extremely popular in research about the most popular Idol in Japan, you to ranked first and even occupied 45.68 of the vote. He was also the one who had an instrumental contribution to SM entertainment's financial recovery in Japan, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, with such a huge impact and great profitability. The fact that Utah is still ignored by his holding company makes fans extremely confused and frustrated so which of the above cases, do you think, is really serious and which is just an exaggeration of fans from being overly worried about their Idol's comment down below.