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Blackpink - Born Pink Album Review

Blackpink - Born Pink Album Review

Six years after their debut, BLACKPINK's second full-length album was finally released. So are Big Bang and Two Any One, and originally YG didn't release regular albums very well. If a good song comes out, it is released as a single. In particular, this is more often the case when a producer who has worked for YG for a long time takes over an album. BLACKPINK was also somewhat expected, as Teddy is almost exclusively a singer. However, seeing that he chews up not only the domestic charts but also the billboard with only singles like this, it seems that he must be a singer with great real influence. Saddam decided to leave that and review the BLACKPINK album straight away. 


Blackpink - Born Pink Album Review

Relased: Sep 16, 2022

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop, Dance, Ballad

Track List:

01. Pink Venom

02. Shut Down (recommended!)

03. Typa Girl

04. Yeah Yeah Yeah

05. Head to Love

06. The Happiest Girl

07. Tally

08. Read For Love

BORN PINK is the name of the album that reveals BLACKPINK's confidence in his unique presence from birth, and contains eight unique tracks that capture BLACKPINK's powerful sound, including the title track "Shut Down".

From pre-release songs to full-length albums and world tours. It will be interesting to see what kind of record BLACKPINK will write through the large-scale project.

01. Pink Venom

Lyrics by Teddy, Danny Chung

Composed by Teddy, 24, R.Tee, IDO

Arranged by 24, R.Tee, IDO

It is the first song to be released on the album. The first impression is a bit oriental, maybe it's strong? But since the composer is Teddy, I don't think it can be considered oriental. However, the strong sound of the flute that catches the ear somehow makes me feel rejected. I think he wanted to use traditional Korean musical instruments to show his identity as an oriental singer, but personally, it was more reminiscent of the sound of snakes in India than the oriental image. I had a small suspicion that the reason for the title "Pink Venom" was that this image of the snake was reminiscent of the same image as the mollusk that appeared in the movie "Venom." 

Other than that, it's completely 90s hip-hop music. The lyrics include "Kick in the door Waving the coco" by The Notorious B.I.G. and "One by one then Two by Two" by Rihanna, as well as the overall composition itself, is an American hip-hop song with a full 90s and 00s flavor. In particular, the beat drop that begins with Lisa's rap is characterized by strong synth and funky rhythms in the G-style that was popular in Korea in the 90s. It also reminds me of the melodies of those days when I was a member of One Time in the past. Personally, after Lisa, I like the part that naturally leads to Jenny rap the most.

Jenny's glitzy "La tatata" after the bridge is also quite fascinating. It feels like a lion roaring, which adds a rough feel to the song. The end is Sumi Sang, the name-calling that rappers like Snoop Dogg use to lift the mood. Chorus? It concludes with:

When I first heard the song, I was a little bit sloppy, but I like the Lisa and Jenny rap parts, so I visit them from time to time. However, I personally don't prefer it because it has a strong oriental feel. The response is also good among fans at home and abroad who like the existing BLACKPINK. However, there were many reviews that it did not deviate from the existing format. It was pointed out that there are many sticking parts, such as Jenny and Lisa's raps, and Jisoo's and Rosé's hooks. I agree with that to some extent. Listening to the song, Jenny will come out of here. There was a part of this that was a bit of an obvious structure, such as Roger would sing now. On top of that, Teddy's way of producing, which remains the same as when I was in Two AnyOne, came across as a little strange to me. 

This use of parts of the melody or lyrics of other existing songs in a song is called 'interpolation'. It is a slightly different concept from the sampling that is popular in the music market these days, and the work of recording anew to suit one's taste is added. If sampling is the concept of borrowing that brings things as they are, then interpolation can be understood as borrowing plus variations. 

YG's representative songwriter Teddy naturally participated in the songwriting, and 24, who has been working with rappers such as Sea Jam and Oh Left, as well as various YG singers such as G.D., Taeyang, and BLACKPINK, participated. A quick look at his activity history is the stern's 'Kashina'. She works with Teddy on The Black Label, including Somi Jeon's "XOXO" AND "DUMB DUMB", Jenny's "SOLO", and Lisa's "LALISA". He is not well known, but he has many hits.

R.Tee is a producer, DJ, and songwriter with The Black Label with 24. In addition to BIGBANG's "Era I Don't Know", Taeyang's "Wake Me Up", BLACKPINK's "Playing with Fire" and "Do Doo Doo-Doo", he has participated in the music of many YG singers such as WINNER and ICON, and recently appeared on Show Me The Money 11 as a producer. The composer named IDO first made a name for himself with this [BORN PINK] album.

02. Shut Down

Lyrics by Teddy, Danny Chung, Vince

Composed by Teddy, 24

Arranged by 24

It is a trendy song that samples Paganini's "La Campanella" and tops it with trap beats. It can be said that the song was released by replicating the sampling method popular among many overseas singers such as Beyoncé and DJ Khalid. The central melody is classical, but the way he rapped freely on that melody was cool enough to make me think he's a true rapper. In particular, the song's charm is multiplied by the lyrics that express the situation of returning after a long hiatus and witty lyrics that show without filtering that the hippest singers these days are themselves. If other singers did it, they were lyrics that could be a little vague, but since it was BLACKPINK, they were acceptable lyrics.

Since most of the songs are made up of rap, it was also a song with a large proportion of Jenny and Lisa, who are in charge of rapping relatively well. In fact, not only this song, but the entire album is heavily focused on Jenny and Lisa. However, as the title of the album [BORN PINK] suggests, they are a girl group that pursues true hip-hop that is different from other idols, so I dare to predict that this situation will inevitably occur. 

Familiar scenes can often be seen in music videos, and by reinterpreting scenes from their past music videos, they show both confidence and arrogance that they are the only ones who can take their place. However, given their already irrefutable influence and position, their attitude can be seen as an attraction that attracts people. It has become the 'pretty savage' they used to sing. Anyway, the song, as well as the lyrics and music video, are attractive in many ways.

The composition involved Teddy and 24 composers. Songwriting was performed by Danny Chung, a lyricist and A&R for The Black Label, and Vince, a producer and singer. Both of them work with YG singers and songs by Somi, a singer affiliated with The Black. 

03. Typa Girl

Lyrics by Bekuh BOOM

Composed by Bekuh BOOM, Dominsuk

Arranged by Dominsuk

It is a pop and hip-hop song with a unique atmosphere with an introduction that uses the sound of the organ. The sound of the piano contrasting with the stabbing synth sound is oddly blended, giving it a horrible feeling. Add to that the tension of the song by the sound of ambulance sirens behind the song. Due to the addictive synth sound and unique brass, it also gave a similar impression to Lisa's solo song "Money". Therefore, in this song, Lisa was the protagonist. What surprised me while listening to the song was Jisoo's falsetto part. Mainly, Jisu was in charge of the bass, so this was the first time he was seen singing in falsetto. Surprisingly, however, it matched Lisa's rap and blended well into the song's unique mood. It would be nice for Lisa and Jisu to sing together in this mood. 

The lyrics are an extension of the savage image, introducing herself as the hottest girl these days and the typa girl that everyone admires. It contains the bravado and arrogance that can be said to be the main sentiment of hip-hop. But the lyrics themselves were cooler because they were facts, not bluffs.

The songwriting was composed by songwriter and singer Bekuh Boom (Rebecca Johnson). His career is also incredible, but if you look at it briefly, he has a deep relationship with YG singers such as WINNER's "ISLAND", icon "Farewell Road", Jeon So-mi "BIRTHDAY", Taeyang "Eyes, Nose, Mouth", and Lee Hi & Su-hyun's "I Am Different". He also composed songs for Avatar Idol K/DA, which is popular in Riot games such as "MORE," "Drum Go Dum," "I'll Show You," and "Villain," and participated in the production of Christopher's album, which is very popular in Korea. BLACKPINK is another No. 1 creditor who has created the current Bluffing after Teddy, starting with "Boombaya" and "Whistle," followed by "Do Doo Doo-Doo," "Kill This Love," and "Ice Cream" and "Pretty Savage," which she worked on with Selena Gomez. I also participated in all of Lisa's solo albums [Lalisa], and it was for this reason that I got a similar impression to 'Money' earlier. It makes great use of EDM sound and produces bright and trendy sounds. In particular, her songwriting qualities shine through in collaboration with game company Riot. In fact, from working with Riot, there are many songs that have a similar mood to the BLACKPINK songs. 

Dominsuk is an artist from The Black Label and has participated in songs by Vince and Jeon So-mi.

04. Yeah Yeah Yeah

Lyrics by VVN, KUSH, jisoo, Rose

Composed by KUSH, R.Tee, VVN, IDO

Arranged by R.Tee, KUSH, IDO

Y2K, a song in the pop genre that stirs up teen sensibilities. In addition to using 80s synth sounds for drum bass, the song is full of retro sensibilities with a composition oriented towards 80s music. In particular, the pleasant synth sound emphasized by the hook is definitely the highlight of the song. In contrast to the strong song previously expressed in "black", the freshness of the song becomes more pronounced. Similar songs came to mind, with the overall mood reminiscent of Claire Rosinkranz's "Backyard Boy" and the '80s synth sound reminded Taylor Swift's "Welcome to new york." It has a bright and romantic atmosphere, so I think those who like BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls" or "Forever Young" will prefer it without hesitation.

The composition was composed by KUSH, who has worked steadily with BIGBANG and Tuanyone. As a producer and songwriter that fans of Two Any One have probably heard of at least once, his representative works include Taeyang's "Just Look at Me", Two Any One's "I Don't Care", G-DRAGON's "What Are You", and ICON's "Taste Sniping". In addition, he is as prolific a hitmaker as Teddy, such as Giant's "Yanghwa Bridge" and Lee Yi's "My star". He is currently a producer with The Black Label. 

VVN is a model and songwriter and has worked with various artists such as Henry, John Park, Daesung, Park Bom, and Psy. His most recent works include Big Bang's "Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter" and Psy's "To Me Tomorrow," and in addition to working with Khushi, he also composed several songs alone.

05. Hard to Love

Lyrics by Freddy Wexler, Bianca "Blush" Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, TEDDY

Composed by Freddy Wexler, TEDDY, Bianca "Blush" Atterberry, Max Wolfgang, 24, R.Tee

Arranged by 24, R.Tee

It is a cool disco-pop song with an upbeat guitar riff and a disco rhythm. The overall flow of the song is unique, with the intro continuing with an emotional hip-hop sound followed by a guitar-centered band sound that enters the vuls, while the hooks are contrasted with pop and disco music. Even though songs from different genres are blended into one song, they blend together without much difference, creating a unique and upbeat atmosphere. In particular, the lead source highlighted in the hook is really attractive. I think it's a really well-chosen source that not only raises the tension of the song overall but also determines the image of the song. It is said that it contains BLACKPINK's unique mournful sensibility, and it is absolutely true. 

Rosé was the only one among the members to have a solo song, which I think is because Rosé's role in this album was small. In the previous songs, it was still centered on Jenny and Lisa, so in this song, it seems to be a consideration rather than a consideration to put the spotlight on Rosé alone. Personally, I think the song would have been better received if it had come out as an individual solo song rather than a group album. The impact of the previous songs was too strong.

The songwriting was composed by American singer, producer, and songwriter Freddy Wexler. This song is the first time he has made a name for himself in Korean K-pop, and he is an artist with a great career in the United States. In addition to co-writing the socially distanced song "Stuck with U," sung by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, he has also produced songs for many international pop singers chewing up the Billboard charts, including Post Malone, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, the Jonas Brothers, Halsey, Pink, and Avicii. In short, it's a big deal in the U.S. music market right now. Seeing such a great person directly participate in BLACKPINK's songs makes me realize once again how great BLACKPINK's position and influence in the United States are. 

Bianca "Blush" Atterberry, an American singer and songwriter, has some experience in idol music. Most of the songs that participated were SM singers, including Taeyeon's "Find Me", EXO's "Storm", and NCT 12's "Umbrella". This is the first time he has worked with BLACKPINK. Another composer, Max Wolfgang, has participated in NCT 127's "Elevator," including "A Brand New Day," sung by BTS and Zara Larsson. International singers have performed Rudimental, Ed Sheeran's "Lay It All On Me", Zara Larson's "Look What You've Done" and Sam Ryder's "Space man".

06. The Happiest Girl

Lyrics by Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro

Composed by Teddy Sinclair, Willy Sinclair, Paro, 24

Arranged by 24, Nohc

It was a ballad with mournful emotion, and it was the song where Jisoo's falsetto could stand out the most. Rosé's voice, which has solid skills, is good, but in this song, we should pay attention to Jisoo's voice, which contains a breathtaking and precarious emotion. In fact, when I first heard the chorus, I didn't recognize whose voice it was. But knowing that it was Jisoo's voice, he saw her again. I thought she was a singer with a slightly special voice, but in this song, her unique voice seemed to shine especially through. It's a song with a calm and mournful feeling, so you can listen to it as a break from this album. It is also the only song on the album that shows the new BLACKPINK side in that The Black's participation is low. But on the other hand, it can be a little boring for those who like BLACKPINK's unique strong color.

The songwriting was composed by singer, songwriter, and film actress Teddy Sinclair. This is her first time working with a Korean singer and she was nominated for a Grammy in 2017 for her participation in Rihanna's single "Kiss It Better." There is also a demo version that she sang herself, but my personal sensibility was much deeper and better than the demo version. Producers and songwriters Willy Sinclair and Paro also participated in the album for the first time by a Korean artist. 

07. Tally

Lyrics by Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread, Danny Chung

Composed by Nat Dunn, David Phelan, Alex Oriet, Brian Lee, Soraya LaPread, 24

Arranged by 24 

It is pop music that adds hip-hop beats to the soothing guitar riff and drum sound, so you can enjoy rock and hip-hop at the same time. It's the most impactful and disappointing song on the album. It doesn't have the characteristics of BLACKPINK, and it feels limp overall, so it didn't look good. In fact, it was so bad that I listened to it and thought, "Did this song have to be on the album?" It's a good song, but it was too poor to fit on a full-length album, and to me, it felt like a simple spot-filling for a full-length album. On top of that, the unique guitar riff and the members' voices felt like they were playing separately, so I listened to them a few times. On the contrary, it suited Red Velvet rather than BLACKPINK, and somehow I got the impression that it was similar to Red Velvet's "Psyco".

The composition was composed by Austrian singer and songwriter Nat Dunn. In Korea, she participated in OH MY GIRL's "Real Love" and Ive's "My Satisfaction", and overseas, Charli XCX's "5 In The Morning" and Marshmallow and Anne-Marie's "Friends", which were popular in Korea. Personally, I think he's a good songwriter with a female singer with a strong voice personality. British producer and songwriter David Phelan collaborated with Alex Oriet on this song, marking the first time he has participated in a domestic artist's album. 

Brian Lee, another composer, has participated in songs by various domestic artists such as Sun, Bitubi, Eric Nam, and Jessie before BLACKPINK, and began participating in BLACKPINK songs after "Don't Know What To Do". With this song, Soraya LaPread will participate in a domestic album for the first time, and she has previously participated in songs by international singers such as Doja Cat and Kent Jamz.

08. Ready For Love

Lyrics by TEDDY, Danny Chung, VVN 

Composed by TEDDY, VVN, 24, KUSH, Bekuh BOOM

Arranged by 24 

The song was released through a collaboration with Battle Ground, and it is pop music with a light and cool atmosphere. If it's a single released in collaboration with a game company, I'll understand, but I really wonder why it should have been included on a full-length album. The song isn't actually that good, and the familiar tropical sound doesn't have the characteristics of BLACKPINK, so I was disappointed that they put it in the final outro. This last song convinced me that this album should have ended with 'The Happiest Girl' as an EP rather than actually a full-length album. The songwriters are all from The Black Label described earlier, but the last song was really too sexy. I didn't want to end it like this, but I don't really have anything to say about the song.

BLACKPINK is back after two years, so I played the album with great anticipation. But was it because the expectations were too high or were it because the label company was lazy? I felt that this album was insincere enough to say that it was a full-length album. In fact, I thought it was pretty good until the initial pink Venom and shutdown. On top of that, "Yeah Yeah Yeah," which contains the loveliness of the old BLACKPINK, wasn't bad. But towards the second half, I felt like I was working less on the song and the album. As I said before, this album should not have been full-length but 'The Happiest Girl and just released as an EP. The growth of the members was not outstanding to the extent that it was too much to say that it was regular, and the charm of each member was not utilized. In particular, in the case of Rosé, it was quite a shock that the proportion was so small that he had to leave out a separate solo song. If you had to pick one good thing, how much did you see a new side of the index? It doesn't mean much to those who don't listen to the album. The more I listen to it, the more I regret it. I think it was really too much to put the game song at the end.


Personally, I like the shutdown and listen to it constantly. Some of it came out in line with what's trending in the music market right now, and even for me, who is a hip person, the song felt really hip. But that was really it. I don't know if the album came out after a long hiatus or because of the fans' wishes, but I hope to come back next time with a more solid album that lives up to the BLACKPINK name.